The creators of Jump Rope with Jesus wanted to create a unique way of acknowledging a birthday, anniversary or milestone in the life of a family member, friend or co-worker. We know that especially as we grow older, remembering 'the good 'ol days' means more and more and our signature products we hope, will brighten the day of anyone who has fond memories of when they're we just a little bit younger!

Our fun, engaging video gift with all the accompanying accessories, is something we've designed to be different from the normal milestone or keepsake gifts on the market, and we've chosen an extra fun way of incorporating your own personalized way to celebrate. 

Do you ever think about what it might be like to travel back back in time? Revisit old friends, places, or to spend time with an historic figure? Certain people can have a lasting impact on your life, so if you could go back what would it be like?  Where would we meet?  What would we do?  

We thought long and hard on this and we decided that the most impressionable, historic figure almost everyone we know would love to spend time with would be... Jesus! Yes, that's one, the Son of God, Our Savior, and bringing him with you down memory lane, what would you both do? You'd jump rope! Yes, just as you did as a child on the playground, you'd skip and hop and well... You're so old… you jumped rope with JESUS!

Sharing core values of family, exercise, faith all while having a great time being just a bit silly - how's that for ringing in a special day in your life? Celebrating longevity and  your devote association with faith. 

Whether you're someone who grew up attending church every Sunday or maybe you're just returning to your faith after a long time away, no matter how you arrived here, we believe in living for today and tomorrow, that our past shapes our future. And how our history shapes our future whether real or imagined.  

So come on, join our worldwide community of fun, faith and making memories!